September 21, 2021

The STARS for week 1 are: Stella Wienhold, Finn Buchanan, Liam Ropka, Ryan Wilmoth, Meghan Ripley, and Aiden Conner.

200+ games were bowled by: Nate Roberson 226 & 200, Meghan Ripley 203, Andrew Stanko 225, Liam Wilmoth 204, Colin Bittner 203, Michael Murphy 235, Casey Jones 205 & 226, Aiden Conner 204, and Logan Chappell 222, 236, & 210 for a 668 set.

Awesome Bowling Everyone!

There will be a brief Coaches meeting before bowling.

There are 2 vacancies for Junior Bowlers if you know anyone interested! Or a team of 5!

For those bowlers interested in bowling in the 2021 Danny Wiseman Youth Scholarship Tournament on October 9-10, please look for the information posted on the bulletin board. Or check the link I just posted on Facebook.

See you on Saturday!

Ms. Dee