September 23, 2022

The Youth STARS for week 2 are: Thea Brown, Gabrielle Millich, Jazmin Hooper, Benjamin Kee, Adalyn Smith, Ava Campbell, Camryn Milavec, Colt Warner, Jacob Neary, and Kaitlyn Knopp.

200+ Games: Jacob Neary 204, Colin Bittner 222 & 252, Ryan Stanko 250 & 205 Ryan Schultz 204 & 202, and Michael Murphy 226, 262, 221=709 series!

Awesome bowling everyone!

As soon as I find out the dates for the Pepsi Qualifier, I will make that announcement.

There are 2 upcoming scholarship tournaments for Youth bowlers:

The 39th Annual MD Ten Pin Council Scholarship Tournament is on 11/20/22 @ Thunderhead Bowl and is open to bowlers 14 & up.

The Youth Star of Tomorrow Handicap Scholarship Tournament is on 12/11/22 @ Forest Hill Lanes and is open to all eligible youth bowlers.

Tournament registrations are under the bulletin board. Be sure to read the back for eligibility requirements.
See you Saturday!

Ms. Dee