October 17, 2022

The Youth STARS for week 6 are: Beau DeLauder, Emery Matwichuk, Benjamin Goldstein, Rhys Anderson, Catherine Kreller, Calvin Jenkins, Griffin Fitze, Evan Cavanaugh, Matthew Molnar and Evan Conner.

200+ Games: Colin Bittner 201, Michael Murphy 203, Zaccariah Sage 202, Ryan Schultz 210, and Nate Roberson 237,223,224=684.

Fantastic bowling all!

If you signed up for coaching it begins at 9am!

There are 2 upcoming scholarship tournaments for Youth bowlers. The 39th Annual MD Ten Pin Council Scholarship Tournament is on 11/20/22 @ Thunderhead Bowl and is open to bowlers 14 & up. The Youth Star of Tomorrow Handicap Tournament is on 12/11/22
@ Forest Hill Lanes and is open to all eligible youth bowlers. Tournament registrations are under the bulletin board. Be sure to read the back for eligibility requirements.

See you tomorrow!
Ms. Dee