February 16, 2023

The Youth STARS for week 6 are: Landon Callegari, Marcie Molnar, Ryan Pine, Asher Carrillo, Emery Walker, Noah Gibson, Aiden Carver, Nate Licato, Evan Conner, and Bailey Hooks. 200+ games: Colin Bittner 214, Zaccariah Sage 233, Logan Chappell 222, Nate Roberson 210, Michael Murphy 213 & 264, Ryan Stanko 212 & 212, Andrew Stanko 200 & 219, and Ryan Schultz 247 & 221. Awesome bowling all!

CONGRATULATIONS to the Pepsi qualifiers for February! Results will be posted on the bulletin board Saturday. Registrations will be handed out then. Registrations and payment are due to me ASAP and no later than 2/25/28. For those bowlers that qualified in November for Pepsi, I need your registrations and payment by 2/18/23. If you are not going to be able to bowl in the tournament, please tell me on Saturday so that I can notify the alternates.

Parents and bowlers: If you know that you are going to miss 2 or more weeks in a row, please let me know. Any bowler that misses 3 weeks in a row and does not contact me will be removed from the team. If you know that you are going to quit the league, please let me know that too.

If you signed up for coaching it begins at 9am.
See you Saturday!
Ms. Dee