July 18, 2023

Big Congratulations to Youth League Coach Amber — who did GREAT at the 2023 Women’s Championships in Las Vegas! She placed 3rd in doubles, too!!! When you see her, tell her what awesome bowling she had!!! Way to go, Coach Amber!

The Youth STARS for week 6 are: Casen Weaver, Benjamin Kee, Asher Carrillo, Nathan Holston, Lily Gary, Andrew Nichols, Gabriel Diacoloukas, Liam Reynolds, Anthony DiPilla, and Laura Donnells.

200+ games: Jack Jager 208 & 223, Zaccariah Sage 208, Tony Hires 200, Michael Murphy 202, Ryan Stanko 225, Jackson Stanko 246, and Jacob Neary 234, 247, 210=691.

Great bowling all!

Remember if you signed up for coaching it begins at 6pm.
See you tonight,
Ms. Dee