July 8, 2021


The Youth STARS for week 5 are:
Jonah Leura, Benjamin Kee, Brandon Lyles, Luke Braun, Gabriella Fingado, Liam Wilmoth, Meghan Ripley, Katie Bonham and Carson Belloff.

200+ games were bowled by:
Colin Bittner 234 and Meghan Berczik 216

Great bowling everyone!

What’s your team name? Write it on the score sheet! (recap) Have fun and think of something creative. But keep it family friendly!

All PeeWee parents that are helping MUST wear bowling shoes! You can get them at the front desk.

No outside food, snacks, or drinks are to be brought in to the center at any time. Thanks for your cooperation!

Congrats to Ryan Wilmoth who is still leading the brother rivalry!

See you Monday night!
Ms. Dee